@EBROOKS_21 is one dedicated expos fan.  

i mean, that thing is a work of art - a true masterpiece in all senses - but can i quickly point out that soup-rake on his upper lip? shit is incredible!

“I save a lot of money on razors.”-   Aw, hell yeah! Love seeing these ex-Yankees letting their beard game loose! 

For those of you scoring at home, Dustin Ackley is seen here pulling off the outfield putout/high five combo. Very rare.

Fun Fact: Kevin Quackenbush was born in Land O Lakes, Florida. Not surprising since he’s got such a butter ass beard. 


@giancarlo818 barely has enough beard to qualify, but anytime you hit a baseball into space i’ma blog that.

Yo dawg. We heard you like pictures of LeBron James. So we put a picture of LeBron James wearing a tshirt that has a picture of Lebron James on SportsBeards. 


Aye yo, Coach Hollins. Grow that beard back. You’re in Brooklyn now. 

Aye yo, Coach Hollins. Grow that beard back. You’re in Brooklyn now. 

The US lost yesterday through no fault of Tim Howard. Dude is a true renaissance man. Not only does he set a record for saves, but he also makes that funny ass show on Comedy Central. What a talent!

The U.S. team enters the knockout round holding out for a hero. Reports indicate that he’s got to be strong, he’s got to be fast, and should also be fresh from the fight. Yes, the national team is holding out for a hero. Experts agree he’s got to be sure, he’s got to be soon. And ideally, he’s got to be larger than life.